5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Design 1on1™ Experience

Design 1on1™ is designed to bridge the gap between the Client and the Professional. We are committed to keeping both parties safe and have wonderful experiences and lasting relationships.

Design 1on1™’s Terms of Service ensures the safety and integrity of both communities.

The following are our reminders that keep your Design 1on1 experience fulfilling and elevates the practice of your profession.

1. Accept payments only through Design 1on1™

Design 1on1™ offers a payment protection system that ensures you get paid each time you rendered service.

Clients pay before each appointment via Paypal and Bank Transfer. Verified professionals are paid via Bank Transfer to our partner banks. It’s a worry-free arrangement that allows you to focus on delivering the best possible service to your Clients. Thus, enlarging your circle and secures a steady stream of work.

Payments that take place outside of Design 1on1™, do not enjoy the same protection and jeopardize the integrity of the platform, the profession, and ultimately you as a professional.

 Registering to the Design 1on1™ signifies your agreement to communicate and fulfill all obligations of each individual engagement within the platform. Accepting payments outside the platform is a violation of this agreement.

2. Use only one account and make it your best representative profile

We believe that each individual is unique and that there is always a Client and project that is a perfect fit for that individual.

Create your profile around what you do best. Clients tend to gravitate more to experts. Choose your niche and build from it. Having a niche doesn’t mean you cannot take other project types. But having too many things going on will diffuse your strengths.

Be the unique, creative person you are – and shine.

3. Make sure your profile is accurate and up-to-date

Your success is hinged on keeping information complete, honest, and up-to-date. Data provided to Design 1on1™ is used to verify yourself as a professional and is used so clients can make an informed decision on who to consult with. Incomplete and inaccurate data will confuse prospective Clients and may lead to disappointments.

To ensure that you begin your engagement on the right foot, keep in mind the following:

  • Use your real name, provide a professional-looking profile photo.

  • Accurately describe your experience, skills, and qualifications.

  • Be clear about what you can offer.

4. Be smart

Design 1on1™ allows you to start small before jumping into bigger things. It’s both you and the Client’s opportunity to discover if both of you are a perfect fit. Remember, this primarily is just a marketing activity.

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