At last! 

A Web Service for Architects that

creates opportunities,

elevates the value of your service,

builds your brand

to win many satisfied Clients

Design 1on1™ gives you 24/7 online visibility while providing payment for each expert advice. PLUS, you become a part of an elite collaborative community of like-minded professionals.


We work hard so you can work more.

We certify you as a Verified Professional.

We promote the services of our pros through posts and other materials submitted to us.

Get your foot inside the Client’s door as we qualify clients and book your appointments. With each appointment, you get to help potential clients move their projects forward by answering their design questions.

We notify and remind you of your appointments via SMS and Email.

We keep track of payments made by your clients and remit them to you.

Truly, We are your business partner that lets you focus on what you do best.


Here’s what you get as a Design 1on1™ Verified Professional


  • Our one-time registration  allows you to be part of a community of Verified Professionals

  • virtually becomes YOUR website so you reach more people.


  • You determine when you want your appointments so you can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Your Clients will receive reminders so you have less last-minute cancellations.


  • Payment is received upon booking and is payable upon completion of the appointment so you are sure you get paid – EVERYTIME.

  • Your fees are sent via online bank transfer so you are sure it is safe and secure.


It’s simple.

Sign-up, consult with your client, get paid.

But all that is just a bonus as we hope that as you build a relationship of trust with your Client, you will win the project and get to see its completion.

What People Say

…Thank you for developing such a platform that will promote and protect the profession and its professionals, and for your efforts to elevate our practice adaptive to the new normal, or better normal, we are currently in. Thank you … for stepping forward providing a lead, where the rest could follow. 

Ar. Ludivico P. Idaño - Immediate Past District Director, UAP Regional District B2

A very intuitive platform indeed that will bring leverage in the consultation process for Architects and clients needing informative professional knowledge in the field of design and construction management. A new age playing field for the new normal to embrace!

Ar. Anna Marie Abueva - Immediate Past Chapter President, UAP Manila Maynilad Chapter

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