Frequently Asked Questions

It is the goal of Design 1on1™ to provide opportunities for its professionals to connect with potential clients. To better serve you, we provided the following to guide you on your journey.

1. What happens after I submit the requirements?

Only applications with complete requirements will be entertained. Make sure you complete all the requirements before uploading them. Once your application is received and verified, a Design 1on1 representative will contact you via your email address. A text message will also be sent to you which you should promptly reply to.

Processing normally takes 5 days to complete.


2. What happens if my application has been rejected? Can I re-apply?

Design 1on1™ reserves the right to reject any application. Should your application be rejected, an email explaining the grounds for rejection will be sent to your email address and via SMS.  

You can re-apply again after one (1) month. 


3. What banks are accredited for fee remittance?

We advise our Pro’s to open a BDO or China Bank account for faster payment processing. Please make sure you send the correct bank details to avoid delays. 


4. When do I get paid for consultations I performed?

Design 1on1™ processes payment once a month. The cut-off date for processing on the 15th of every month with pay-out made on the 10th of the following month. 


5. Will there be deductions on the fees?

Design 1on1™ will deduct a processing fee for every consultation made. This will cover overhead expenses.

It is the responsibility of the Professional to pay his or her tax obligations.

Sample Computation:

Consultation Fee P500.00
less: Processing FeeP   200.00
You Get:P300.00

* For transfers to bank branches outside of Metro Manila, charges may apply.

6. What is the average income potential for Professionals

Design 1on1™ is primarily a marketing tool for professionals. But it provides for payment every time a successful consultation appointment is delivered.

Small businesses spend an average of 20 hours per week on marketing. If we will follow that data, a sample income computation will look something like this:

Sample Projected Fee Computation:

No. of Calls per hour 2
x  No. Hours per Day4
x  No. of Days per Week5
x No. of Weeks per Month4
= No. of Calls per Month160
x  Net Fee per CallPhP 270.00
Average Income per MonthPhP43,200

A consultation appointment is considered successful when the Professional has been able to meet the project Owner at the specified date and time, fulfilled the requirements of the consult without any filled complaints from the Project Owner.

7. Will the client see my contact details when they make an appointment?

Design 1on1™ uses a special appointment booking and communication system. Emails and SMS messages will not reflect your contact details.


8. Can I contact directly the client using my phone number?

Design 1on1™ discourages direct contact with the client. This is to ensure payment protection while on the platform. Use your personal Design 1on1™ Verified Professional Portal for all communications.


9. Can clients contact me directly?

Because at no time will your contact details be made available to the client, the client will be unable to contact you directly. This is to ensure payment protection while on the platform. Use your personal Design 1on1™ Verified Professional Portal for all communications.

We discourage direct contact by the client to the Design 1on1™ Verified Professional.


10. Can I change my time availability after I have set it?

Predictability is one of the tactics for success in Design 1on1™. Once clients become mindful of your availability, the likelihood that a follow-up/repeat appointment increases. Remember, we encourage building a relationship of trust between clients and Design 1on1™ Verified Professionals.

You are allowed to update your time availability on the last 2 days of every month.

11. How and where will the appointment take place?

Design 1on1™ uses a special online video room which you can access via Web, IOS, and Android. This flexibility is provided so you can arrange to meet with your client undistracted. You can actually take have your appointment anytime, anywhere. We encourage you to set a quiet place and space that will be conducive to the online consultation.

For your protection, you may opt for a recorded session for a minimal fee. In the same light, the client may opt for a recorded session for reference.


12. Will I know what the appointment is about?

During the sign-up, the client is asked what question they have. You will receive this information when you are asked to confirm the appointment. The Client will have the opportunity to send images and sketches to describe the nature of the question via their Customer Portal. You are discouraged to reply to other inquiries prior to the appointment. Do not worry. The Clients are informed that communications prior to the appointment are purely one-way. Professionals will be unable to respond to any question prior to the appointment.


13. What if the client wants to extend the appointment?

Design 1on1™ special online video room will expire exactly at the end of the allotted time. You are encouraged to end the consultation 3 minutes before time to properly say goodbye and thank the client for the opportunity to help them out.

If the client needs more time, ask them to book another appointment.


14. What if the Client cancels an appointment?

As much as possible we want our clients to have a positive experience with Design 1on1™.

  • If the client cancels within 24 hours of his/her booking, the appointment fee shall be refunded to the client. You will be notified of the cancellation so you can make other plans.
  • If the client cancels after 24 hours of his/her booking and within 24 hours of the appointment, the fee will not be refundable. You will receive payment as if the appointment took place. 



15. What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

Your personal Design 1on1™ Verified Professional Portals are designed for self-service updating. If you will be unavailable for a period of more than 1 week, you are required to make an adjustment to your availability on your VP Portal. You can revert to your original time availability once your schedule normalizes.

We encourage you to keep your commitment with regards to your declared availability to accept appointments in Design 1on1™.

  • If you outrightly decline a request for an appointment, there will be no charges imposed. On the third decline of appointment, a 20% penalty will be imposed and will be deducted on your next pay-out. Please update your availability schedule to avoid penalties.
  • If you wish to cancel within 24 hours of accepting an appointment with a client, you need to inform the client and reschedule the appointment to another date (Click here for information about rescheduling a booking). An additional service fee of 20% penalty shall be deducted from your consultation fee for that appointment.
  • If you cancel your appointment after 24 hours of accepting an appointment and within 24 hours of the appointment, the client will be refunded 100%. You will be charged 40% of the appointment fee accordingly. This will be deducted on your next pay-out.



If you have more questions, visit our community page and post them at Design 1on1™ Verified Pros 

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